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Dear ZebPay Member
The past couple years have been challenging for all of us who believe in blockchain and crypto, but here at ZebPay we’ve continued to innovate and prepare for the day when we can resume full operations. We’re confident it will come soon. And we’ll be ready.
New leaders, new vision
ZebPay is back, with new owners and new leaders. Our new CEO is Rahul Pagidipati, a veteran entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience building long-lasting billion-dollar companies. With a new CFO, CMO, and Chief Strategy Officer, we’ve got a new vision to become one of the most trusted, innovative blockchain service companies in the world.
Crypto-crypto trading coming soon
We’re working on a number of new opportunities for you. In the coming months, we will launch crypto-crypto trading, to allow you to trade pairs like ETH-BTC and stablecoins with instant buy/sell.
No-fee trading on selected crypto-crypto pairs each month
We believe so strongly in the long-term value of certain crypto-crypto pairs, especially Bitcoin-Ether, that to promote interest, we’ve decided, for a limited time, to waive trading fees for one select pair each month, starting with BTC-ETH. Throughout the month, you’ll enjoy no-fee trading on that select pair.
Passive income and borrowing
We’re developing a program so you can earn passive income on your crypto holdings and borrow crypto.
Wallet security
We’ve created one of the world’s most advanced, secure wallet systems to protect your crypto assets. As you know, ZebPay has never been hacked in its five-year history. To maintain that edge, we’ve created a new company in the ZebPay group, Genie Technologies Pte. Ltd., focused solely on security research. That’s how seriously we take it.
What kind of security? Obviously, we can’t give too many details, but imagine safes within safes within safes, enterprise-grade multi-sig technology, putting literally thousands of barriers between a would-be hacker and your crypto. No other system in the world is quite like it. And it’s only getting stronger.
Previously, trading fees covered the costs of maintaining our wallet technology, as well as the expert personnel who guard your crypto holdings. Since 2018, we have paid those costs ourselves. After careful discussion, we have decided to ask for a small monthly wallet maintenance fee.
Therefore, please take notice that from March 1st, 2020, we will charge a monthly fee of 0.0001 BTC per member, equal (on average) to roughly USD 0.80 / SGD 1.1 / INR 60.
It is a flat fee, not a percentage. If the price of Bitcoin goes up significantly, we’ll adjust the fee downwards. This will allow us to cover the cost of wallet security until we launch crypto-crypto trading later this year.
Once we resume crypto-crypto trading, you won’t be charged a wallet fee as long as you place even one trade per month. Even better, if you trade the no-fee pair of the month (starting with BTC-ETH) you won’t pay a trading fee, either.
In other words, only inactive accounts will be charged once we resume crypto-crypto trading. If your balance is zero, you won’t pay a fee. It will be calculated on the first of each month beginning March 1, 2020. If you have any questions or concerns, please view this FAQ page.
A new ZebPay 2.0 in 2020
A new leadership team, crypto-crypto trading, no-fee trading on select pairs, an upgraded focus on security and innovation, and a passive income and borrowing program on the horizon—we have a lot of new things to share with you in 2020.
All of us at ZebPay are so grateful for your understanding and loyalty over the past five years. It has been a long, hard road but we remain committed to bringing the benefits of blockchain to India with the best service and lowest cost. We look forward to sharing more with you soon.
Thank You,
The new ZebPay team
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